October News

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Poinsettia Christmas table runner

This Christmas table topper called out to me, make a flower, make a flower.

Not being one to deny my intuition, I said ok and made quite a few of them.

With blocks this size it is easy to get out the circle ruler and make Poinsettias.

Pauline’s Christmas quilt has a more traditional feel for it so a repetitive pattern is always a good plan.

Isn’t the back lovely?

Batik table runner

Once again a little look at the patterns on this beautiful batik table topper of Pauline’s, and what do I find but a lovely paisley/leaf pattern.

Not being able to resist, what did I topstitch, a paisley/leaf pattern, of course.
These free motion patterns are always a delight to do as you get into a rhythm and off you go.

The fun part is making sure that the design is not all one direction (although I am going to have to try that someday just to see how it works).

Way to much fun.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pauline’s new stack of goodies.

And we are back to having fun and playing with a new batch of Pauline’s quilts.
She just loves the log cabin design and it is really apparent with these small 14 x 14 inch candle mats.

One again to keep costs down I loaded 4 table toppers at the same time, same backing and batting.

I had fun with these as you can tell and used a fairly tight ribbon pattern. 

A simple pattern with a very festive feel that you can really see on the back.

They are wonderful little quilts perfect for a personalized Christmas gift.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Lucky Shamrocks

Jan made this wonderful shamrock quilt for her daughter for Christmas.
She really wanted Celtic knots so I came up with a few, made templates and we have just what she wanted.

There were 3 separate stencils created; 2 for the shamrocks and 1 for the sashing.
I used the centre stencil as the border design. 

Jan your daughter is going to love this quilt.
Celtic knots are labor intensive.  Not only do you need to make and transfer each knot to the quilt top, but there are a lot of stops and starts with threads to tuck under.

The end result is as always beautiful and worth the effort.

Because of the difficulty in quoting this time consuming topstitch pattern I will now be charging by the hour for Celtic knots and can only give a broad quote at the beginning.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is coming and the Christmas quilts are starting to arrive. 

This was Pauline’s last quilt in the bag she brought a while ago and a nice festive snow panel it is.
I saved this for last as I was unsure as to what to topstitch without getting carried away or being to understated.

Leaving it loaded on the longarm over the weekend and finally thinking; just get at it and you will be ok, and it was.

It turned out beautiful.  Lots of echoing, a bit of filler and 6 thread colours transformed a simple panel into an extraordinary wall hanging.

Oh and just wait until you see Pauline’s next stack of quilts.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Christmas Gift Bags

I've been having fun making Christmas things, again.
Who does not like the cheery and bright fabrics that we get to use for this time of year.
And fabric gift bags are the perfect thing, re-usable, re-gift-able, and so darn cute.

Still having to make and add tags to them, I thought I would make a few more first, different sizes, to hold different items like wine, a plate of goodies, and whatever your fancy.

By making the handles a little longer, they tied into a loose knot with a built in bow.

Just add a gift, stuff in a little light tissue paper so they can’t peek and a wish of merry, merry Christmas is complete.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Log Cabin Table Runner

With Pauline’s second to last quilt I tried to add it to a already loaded back to keep the cost down but found it just did not match any of the previously completed quilt backs.

So to make this smaller quilt special and worthy of the minimum charge for loading a quilt onto the longarm, feathers were in order.

Didn't the turn out gorgeous?
I added a light cream back to match the lighter fabric in the runner and went with a darker thread.

A few little hearts to say ‘I love you’ (and fill a wider edging) and the overall look is stunning.

Pauline, this is going to look so good on your table.  Gorgeous little quilt.