March News

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Who wants a game of X and O’s

This quilt is a wonderful optical illusion that really shows in the muted colours Donna chose.
You can stand there and switch between X’s and O’s for hours if you’re not careful.

We decided to go with a topstitch pattern that had a lot of movement and flow.

Donna just loved Terry’s fav flowers and it was a good pick for the quilt pattern.

She had looked everywhere for a backing that she liked for this quilt with no luck.  Then coming into my small studio right there on the shelf was the perfect wide backing fabric.

All the feathers matched the colours in her quilt and saved her a few nickels at the same time.  Wide backs are a cost effective and time saving alternative to piecing a back.
A very nice quilt Donna

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bear’s love ABC’s

This baby quilt was started a long time ago and in going through my UFO pile, got brought out, shaken off, and finished (yeah).

Being one of my first attempts at a multi pieced quilt with panels I was never quite happy with it but could not decide what needed fixing.

So it got tweaked here and there and it turned out great.

Add a nice soft flannel back (with bears of course), a simple meandering topstitch and you have a bear terrific quilt.

Oh and another UFO out of the box 
(just a few more to go).

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Vrooom, vroom

I had warned you all that I had been into making baby quilts this last while and here is another to add to the pile.
I had so much fun topstitching this back and forth squiggle design.  A very fun pattern to do and perfect for a very fun vrooom, vroom quilt.

What little boy is not going to just love this race car themed quilt?
And wouldn’t it look great on one of those racing car beds?

All those bright primary colours on top, combined with a warm and cuddly soft flannel on the back; hard to resist.

You will find this quilt and others for sale in the Kids tab.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Community Quilts

Jane made this sunny small quilt at layer cake class and is donating it to the LGQG community quilts.

It is always fun to put a bright and sunny quilt on the longarm as it brightens up the day.

Wanting to keep it simple but still do the best topstitching for the quilt I had fun with a paisley shape that was featured in the fabric.

Some small person is going to just love this quilt. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Baby Quilts

Ok, I’ve been into making baby quilts these days.

Although I’m not sure if this should be a crib quilt or a table topper?
I read somewhere a few years ago that baby’s first things should be bright and colourful with lots of contrast to help focus and develop their eyes.

Every since reading that article, that has been the goal and this wonderful small quilt is no exception. 
An easy quilt to make as it is fat quarters stacked, and cut into squares divisible by 3, mixed and sewn back together.

Add a warm and soft flannel back, topstitch daisies and sprigs and leaves and whoala you have a delightful crib quilt.
All-though this quilt would look great protecting a table graced with a large bouquet of flowers.
flannel back

You will be able to find this quilt (and others) for sale in the quilts for sale tab.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Record Keeping Quilts

This baby quilt is so wonderful (if I don’t say so myself) and a great way to record a new baby’s birth.

The original block pattern was scaled from one of the Quiltmakers 100 Blocks magazine to fit the size of the quilt I wanted to make.

(Thanks Linda for making and showing me the first one).

Just add extra bubble or two with all the baby’s information and you have a wonderful crib quilt that can be hung later in the child’s room.
Bright and very fun. 

I have a friend that still has the one her granny made her hanging on her bedroom wall and she is over 50.
Flannel back.

   6 Ave Quilting will be taking orders for this crib quilt as well as quilts themed with Owls, monkeys, bears and giraffes (any cute animal will do) at a cost of $125.00 without the embroidered information and $150.00 with.  I just need to know your colour preference and animal you would like, the pertinent information and you too can have a fun and bright record of your child's birth day.  

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Purple Sparkler

This purple beauty (my favorite colour) sparkles and shines.
What an awesome job for a first time quilter. 

Although I had a slight bit of a problem with twisting, I managed to get it all sorted out by using a larger back and easing the top into a more rectangle position.

And what do you topstitch onto a sparkly purple quilt, why dragonflies and butterfly flowers.

A bright and lovely quilt sure to grace this young ladies bed for many years to come.