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If you have inquiries about the longarm or making a special quilt, including Wedding quilts, Graduation quilts, Baby quilts, Tee-shirt and Jersey quilts even that snuggle up and read a good book quilt please contact me at 604-992-8737 or email 6avelongarm@gmail.com.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Rubber boots

It's been a busy holiday season, and I am glad everything is getting back to normal.
With Vancouver weather being so crazy this winter, wet and slushy to cold and icy, I decided a pair of rubber boots were in order.  I don't know about you but my feet would not fit into a skinny pair of fancy rubber boots from anywhere and after looking and trying on 20 pairs I ended up getting a standard black boot from the men's department.  How boring.   So walking around the apartment trying to wear them in a bit, I walked by my table ( http://www.6avequilting.com/2016/09/terrys-new-dining-room-table.html) and the light went off.  Out come the sharpie Markers, the silver one to be exact, and I have a pair of fashionable rubber boots.

Rolling down the tops made them a little more feminine.  So now they are functional and cute.  And all for less than $20.00.

Not bad eh!

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Haunted Houses

Rita found this wonderful border for her Halloween quilt at Ikea of all places.

It was perfect to add a scary place of haunting to a bright and boo......teful Halloween quilt.

With lots of ghosts and pumpkins, and Halloween comics to hid under and keep out the chilly night.

This quilt is sure to be smiled upon and keep the goullies at bay.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Windows to Africa

Marylyn had seen the Cityscape panel ( http://www.6avequilting.com/2016/08/cityscape.html ) I had topstitched for a friend and just had to bring me the 2 African panels she had found. 

Wanting to keep the price down she brought the panels with one backing so we could load both at the same time.

Panels are always interesting to do and for the most part require only echoing or following the main features in the fabric.

Marylyn is going to use these 2 wonderful wall hangings to cover the back of an old cabinet; turning a divider into a showcase of art.

Friday, 30 September 2016


Halloween is soon upon us and I’ve been having fun topstitching a few Halloween quilts.
I’ve started doing a few charity quilts for the Century House in New Westminster and this is one of the first.

Having just joined the quilting group I discovered they had quite a few made tops waiting to be topstitched.  They have been trying to keep up by hand quilting and where delighted when I said I would longarm a few for them.

What a way to start......by doing a fun bright and colorful Halloween quilt. 

I’m looking forward to volunteering a bit of time for myself and the longarm to this worthy endeavor.

The Century House is a volunteer orientated Seniors Community Center offering affordable classes, exercise and lunch programs.  http://www.centuryhouseassociation.com/


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Old made into new

Very large quilt. I had to fold it over on the floor to show it off.
Heather had passed a wonderful set of antique Muslim bedspread, pillow cases and window coverings to her daughter-in-law not knowing that Tracy would pass them on to me asking to “make them into a quilt” that could be used instead of folded up and hidden in the linen closet.
The top cut and flipped to show off this wonderful applique.

I laid them all out and ended up taking apart the window coverings to add to the bottom of the quilt, the appliqué on the pillow case was cut to fit in-between.  
Look at all the hand made tatting edging we saved.

The top of the bedspread was cut and flipped (it was originally made to fold over the pillows) and re-sewn onto the top.
The end result is beautiful.  Tracy picked up Muslim backing so we could keep the fabric as similar as possible, even though the original bedspread was made of 3 different weaves and thicknesses of Muslim.  When the bedspread was originally made they would have used what was on hand at the time.

I added in a butterfly as a little extra.
The air fading pen had not quite faded yet.

What a wonderful way to preserve a family heirloom and still have it usable.  I can just see Heather’s eyes light up when she sees her gorgeous quilt laying on the bed.
Applique moved from the pillow case.

White Muslim backing.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Murphy Bed Quilt

Adding a Murphy bed to my room was such a good idea. So my room is a sewing room by day and a bedroom by night. 

The only thing I didn’t like about the Murphy bed at the start was having to make it.
So I created a quilt that has corners on the bottom like a fitted sheet and the problem went away.

I had been working on my Storm at Sea quilt (thank you New Denver Quilting Guild for sending me your mystery quilt pattern) for quite some time and was thrilled that it was almost the correct size for the Murphy bed.

Now I just make sure the sheets are tucked under and the bed closes without a problem and no sheet corners sticking out of the bed frame.

For the topstitching I constructed a large flower using the biggest circle ruler in the rack and adding a ribbon border.  Carrying the ribbon motif throughout the quilt made it fun and kept the theme all together.
All nice and tidy in the cabinet. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Darth Vader

It is not until you can stand back and look at Mabel’s Darth Vader quilt that you get the amount of work and planning it took to make this very cool quilt top.

Wanting to make sure that there was a clear line between Darth’s face and the reminder of the quilt we decided on two different patterns.

A straight line meander for the face and star bursts for the outside area.

With the top and bottom borders I was able to add a few of the Star Wars fighter ships and even a death star.

It takes a bit of planning to make a shape into a continuous line drawing that can then be transferred to the quilt.  I used the laser pointer to make the transfers and once you figure out how and where to place the pattern worked out brilliantly.

So a bit of moving from the front of the longarm to make the star bursts to the back to add the ships.

My son Tyler wanted to know if we could keep the quilt; it was just that cool.