August News

A reminder that Christmas is coming soon so if you have quilts tops ready it is best to get them in early to avoid the season rush. Call 604-992-8737 or email to book an appointment.

Come visit and introduce yourself to Terry at the Burnaby Market located at the North Burnaby Court House Parking lot. Aug 1, 15, 29.

I just wanted to add a note about the quilts not always looking square..... I am not the best photographer and I promise that it is not your quilts that are in fault, it is my layout and photographing skills.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Wedding signature quilt

Ken wanted something special for his daughter’s wedding so asked me to make this unique sign in quilt.

Instead of having a guest book that all of the guests will sign, they will sign the white area of this lap quilt.

It was a wonderful idea as it can be hung, or used as a lap quilt as a reminder of their very special day.

For the finishing touch I made a small pouch to hold the 2 dark blue gel pens and added a little sampler fabric to test first.

Something borrowed and something blue (dad has the blue part covered).

Monday, 24 August 2015

Cross Stitch

Bernadette was going to make these beautiful cross stitch flowers into pot holders until her sister suggested a quilt.

I am so glad she did as who could imagine all this work and time stained, burnt, and battered with oven use.

The quilt is beautiful and is going to show case Bernadette’s hand work for many years to come.

The topstitching matches the small flowers in the orange fabric, using an orange thread that matched the orange in her cross stitching.

And does it ever show nicely on the darker green back.

Friday, 21 August 2015

First Quilt

Kristyn did a wonderful job making and piecing her first quilt.  She should be so proud as it turned out beautiful.

Made for her sister, whom I’m sure is just going to love it.
She really liked the smaller Terry’s fav flowers and was thrilled when she picked up her quilt.

It is so nice to see the smiles and lights in their eyes when new quilters pick up their finished quilts.

She is off to make a quilt for herself.......maybe.  

If it is like most new quilters everyone in the family will be asking her for one first.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Baby Quilt Bee’s

Emily’s last baby quilt had bumble bees in the fabric and you know how I like to copy the fabric theme for each quilt.

I know that I use these oh so cute bee occasionally but just cannot help myself.

Emily really likes the quilting to be a little heavier so I made the loop-de-loops quite tight.

The effect was wonderful. 
Sure to be some baby’s favorite that will be loved and well used.
back and binding

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Baby Quilt Stars

Emily’s second baby quilt was fun to do even if a little confusing at times.
The thread colour matched the base colour so well that I often had to stop and find where to stop and start next.

With a little persistence and a fabric marker the stars managed to radiate out just like they were meant to do.

Only the two centre stars have radiating lines waving toward the outside border. 

Having the others do the same would have made the quilt just too confusing and loose the original idea.
Showing off the back and binding.

I turned out to be such a fun little quilt.  Beautiful quilting Emily.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Baby Quilt Diamond

Emily’s first baby quilt (of 3) is definitely a diamond gem.

After sending many ideas back and forth Emily decided she liked this one the best.

Wanting a fairly heavy topstitched pattern, and one that showed off all her piecing, she chose well.
A lot of straight lines criss-crossed in the grey sashing really popped out the 16 patch blocks in the centre.

Well worth the many emails to get exactly the right longarm pattern.

Pretty back and red binding

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Table Toppers 4

My favourite Christmas table topper!  Every since we (well quite a few of us) watched the video on how to make this wonderful and fast topper we have made quite a few.

I know I make at least one a year.
I was thinking it was time to get out the Xmas fabric and make a few for the Burnaby Market before summer is over.

Ann is way ahead of the Christmas rush this year. 

back - looks like little lights