January 2016 News

Happy New Year Everyone.

Just a reminder that if you have an idea for a quilt, 6 Ave Quilting and Longarm Service will try it's best to make it especially for you. Memory quilts, Wedding quilts, Graduation quilts, Baby quilts, even that snuggle up and read a good book quilt.

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Poppy Red Layer Cake Quilt

After a year of hanging in the closet I finally managed to get my layer cake quilt on the longarm.

This was a quilt I made at a workshop at the Lions Gate Quilt Guild with a few layer cakes I cut out myself (not having any on hand at the time).
double diamond

There was also a pattern I was supposed to be following, but you all know me, it did not work out that way.
Also after bringing it home I added a border to it, then another, and then one more just to round things out.

Making this a very large quilt (I like them big). 82” x 93”
I added red work stitching in the large white blocks in a matching flower motif.  It worked out well as I topstitched the entire quilt in a matching off white thread using a leaf pattern on the outer border, a straight line double diamond on the next border and a L shaped loop on the inner border.
red work

The original inner quilt was patterned with a butterfly flower and leaves making sure not the go inside the circles that the red work would be placed.  Then changing threads to red, I unrolled the quilt and topstitched one in each circle.  It worked well even if it was a bit awkward to have the large fabric roll at the front of the longarm instead of the back where it normally is.
butterfly flower pattern

This beautiful summer weight quilt is for sale for $650.00.  If interested please call 604-992-8737 or email 6avelongarm@gmail.com


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Embroidered Bears

Evelyn sent me the cutest embroidered baby bear baby blanket. (Try saying that real fast, lol)

She had sent me batting along with a very thick fleece backing.  With the fleece being so thick the batting really was not necessary and with a quick email Evelyn agreed.

The nice thing about not having a batting is that you do not have to worry so much about the space in-between stitch lines.  There is no batting to bunch after washing.
Instead of echoing around each of the embroidered bears I was able to frame each one with a simple circle, really making them stand out.

Evelyn thought that loops and hearts might be nice so I broke them up, adding meandering loops throughout the remainder of the quilt and adding a heart in each of the blue corners.
little blue heart

There is a little girl out there that is going to love this baby bear baby blanket.

Saturday, 30 January 2016


This only shows a little over half of the quilt.

All done and beautiful!  I am so happy with how Tracy’s garden quilt turned out.
Although the topstitch patterns sometimes disappear in the fabric colors, if forces you to get up close to have a good look.

Adding all the straight lines was a perfect solution for a busy fabric printed quilt. 
The paisley pattern in the center border added interest to the otherwise geometric feel of the remaining quilt.  Creating a perfect balance of shapes and styles.

After Tracy’s quilt was completed, removed from the longarm and the registration marks pressed out, I hung it on the display wall to take photos.  Being such a big quilt and having limited space it is impossible for me to take a picture of the entire quilt (which is really sad as it is gorgeous).

Now it comes down (well maybe after a day of hanging so I can enjoy it), neatly folded and placed in a large plastic bag, placed in a sturdy box and shipped home to Tracy (6 Ave Quilting and Longarm Service still pays for the return trip home).  

Don’t forget about the work yet to come as it needs binding, then placing it on the bed and going wow!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Plan

Once Tracy’s quilt was on the longarm and the topsitching started I realised that there was a row of border triangles that were to big not to be filled in.  Not wanting to add more radiant lines I came up with a nice alternative.  V shapes going in the opposite direction of the radiant line moving outward.
Adding a new pattern

A fun note is that the majority of the quilt was done with a ruler Tracy gave me as a Christmas gift a few years ago.  It has turned out to be one of my favorites.
The perfect Xmas gift

 I also used a longer ruler made by a good friend of mine Ron.  We had spent a day making many rulers out of an old piece of plexi-glass he had salvaged from one of his skidders.  What would we do without friends?
hand made ruler 

Adding registration points and markers is a must in ruler work.  I find making paper templates of the fabric blocks I will be marking a must.  Then a simple little notch will tell me where I need to place the fabric pen marker and I am ready to go.  A quick pressing when the quilt is finished and they vanish.
paper template

When you add more patterns or change the pattern along the way, it is always best to write or sketch them down to keep yourself in check.  You have no idea how many times in topstitching a big detailed quilt I have come back and said......”what did I do back there?” And unrolling the quilt to check....well you will only do that once.
keeping track 

Speaking of unrolling the quilt, sometimes there is just no other option.  In Tracy’s quilt we wanted the center to be a large spider web starting from the center and moving out.  So to make it happen I rolled a distance to the center and started enough lines to roll the quilt back and finish the top of the web, then rolled forward again to finish the bottom.

All the ruler work and mixing of topstitch patterns is wonderful for keeping the ‘little grey cells’ in fine working order (and fun too).

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Long Distance Longarming

I thought a few of you may be interested in the process we go through when deciding on a pattern for the longarm.
Tracy mailed in her quilt before Christmas with the comment “I have no idea and I’m hoping you can come up with one”.
We talked about paisley and the leaf pattern in one of the fabrics and she liked the paisley so.....

First is to find the correct thread color and I emailed Tracy the one I thought was perfect, she agreed.

Second was to come up with a few design ideas to email back and forth.  So I made a few sketches with ideas for her to yay or nay.

Finally we come up with a plan and off I go. 
Tracy’s quilt is very large 91 x 106 so when you are making sketches on a piece of paper it is easy to leave open spaces that will need to be filled to keep the density of the quilt uniform.  

Having the main design all set makes it easy to make those judgement calls and fill empty spaces with matching pattern work.

Now we are all loaded and ready to quilt.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Falling Squares

Donna does it again with this wonderful falling square quilt pattern.
Made for one of her granddaughters, who love’s purple.

It was an easy choice to pick the large flower pattern out of the feature fabric and make it big.

Plus the fact that the flowers look great in a matching mauve thread.

It is always fun to do a new pattern.  This one is a keeper and I can see me using the large molar shaped flowers again.
Way to much fun.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Asian Abstract

Mabel loves mixing traditional (Asian fabrics) with abstract design.

This works well for the longarm as I get to mix detailed and stenciled patterns with a edge to edge topstitch pattern.

She knew that she wanted gingko leaves on the quilt so I added them to 3 of the center fabrics.

For the other 3 center pieces a simple echo or line follow was all that was needed to show off the fabric designs.
Pieced back

Then one of my favorite edge to edge patterns, feathered scrolls, finished off the remainder of the quilt.

It turned out beautiful.