October News

A reminder that Christmas is coming soon so if you have quilts tops ready it is best to get them in early to avoid the season rush. Call 604-992-8737 or email 6avelongarm@gmail.com to book an appointment.

Batting: Please note that due to the drop in the Canadian Dollar they have increased the cost of batting by 25% . The Legacy 80/20 (120"wide) is now $20.05 a metre (was $16.85) and I will only be selling it with the longarm service. I know I gaspt when I found out how much it had gone up.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


Molly sent 3 quilts to Burnaby with Val from the Bon Marche in Nakusp (thanks for dropping them off Val).

The first is this simple but very effective strip quilt.
I remodelled the longarm room so my son and I could move the longarm out 8” and I could get back into topstitching pantographs.

Wanting to give clients a few more choices (over 25 more) and give me the flexibility to create more as needed.

But back to Molly’s quilt...... the panto was one that I had made for Tracy almost 7 years ago called Tracy’s swirls.
It turned out beautiful and really matched the strip and striped quilt.
Nice little quilt Molly.

Thursday, 1 October 2015


Rose named this spectacular scrappy quilt 3072 because that is how many pieces are in it (wow).

Although there are a lot of pieces Rose said it did not take her all that long to do.

Not sure I believe her as there are a lot of split 9 patches to make.

Keeping them organized must in itself been a big task; even if it is all for the love of quilting.

I’ve been thinking it must almost be time to sort out my scraps, a winter project perhaps?
pieced back

Monday, 28 September 2015

Blue Diamond Bargello

Marian made this stunning blue and grey bargello quilt that took up the whole longarm. (Sorry I did not have enough wall space to get the whole quilt in the photo).

Wanting to keep the topstitching soft and organic we decided on big heart shaped meandering leaves.

Picking a soft moss green thread worked wonderful in meandering in and out of all the colours of the quilt.

A beautiful quilt Marian, well worth the time and is going to look great on your bed.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Snowboard Tunics and Jerseys

Gail and Jeff were delighted when they heard that I made tee shirt and jersey memory quilts.
Gail had been saving her daughters competition tunics for years.

The whole secret to using knitted fabrics is in the stabilization.  It is very important to make sure you use a good stabilizer.

It was fun piecing all the fronts and backs together.  I found that the overall look was better when I was not trying to make everything read in the same direction.

 Even the number flag and scarf was added to the quilt.  The scarf was a little tricky to sew on unstabilized (because of the thickness all in one spot) but with patience, really slow sewing and an awesome walking foot, it found its place.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Steel Guitars

Steel guitars and almost every other are included in the fabric of Wendy’s Guitar Music quilt.

Made for a guitar picking friend of Wendy’s she wanted a topstitch pattern that matched a more masculine theme.

She was thrilled at the back and forth pattern that almost looked like strings and suited the quilt perfectly.

Such a fun quilt Wendy, your family friend is going to love it.

matching centre of back

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Feathers, Feathers, Feathers

When Donna brought me this wonderful light quilt she had her fingers crossed that I would still have enough of the wide back feather fabric to use on this quilt as well.

She had used the leftovers from the backing of a previous quilt (http://www.6avequilting.com/2015/03/who-wants-game-of-x-and-os.html ) as feature blocks in this quilt.

Donna was in luck there was enough and it looks great having a back that matches the front.

Love the way the feathered scrolls move and blend in this quilt.  As always one of my favorite topstitch patterns.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Celtic Dragon

The Celtic dragon is finally finished and hanging in the IT department of the Crofton House School.

I am amazed at how well it turned out after all the problems I had with the base fabric (the white) puckering and creasing.

I managed to move most of the extra fabric created by the basting tape shrinking when ironed into the sun area.
Then measured, and measured and measured to put the borders on.

I was amazed in how well the McTavishing pattern fixed and held down then corrected all of the ripples and puckers created.
The whole quilt laid flat and looked great after I finished the heavy topstitching.

Then because I wanted something just a little special I created and made the beaded tassel to hang off a big button on the bottom.

So in summary, next time I will make sure to stabilize the background fabric before using the pre taped basting tape.  Then not worry too much about a bit of rippling as the heavier topstitching will hold and correct almost anything.  I am just thrilled at how well it turned out after all the problems I had in its creation.