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Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Zig and a Zag

Maxine’s rail fence turned out wonderful.

The crazy straight meander topstitch was the perfect longarm pattern for her quilt.

It kept with the straight line feel of the rail fence pattern, but still added the interest and motion that we all love to see in our quilts.

Such a fun and modern look to this classic and well loved quilt pattern.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Bright and fun Baby Quilts #2

The second baby quilt was this fun fishy quilt.

I loved the blue and bright orange combination with the very colourful fish.
And what do you topstitch for a watery, fishy quilt? Well watery waves of course.

I love baby quilts as they are also about the right size for a table topper as well.

Adding a little bit of brightness to any kitchen, and washable as well.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Bright and fun Baby Quilts
I'm not sure where I found the time but it was there.  At least enough to make a few baby quilts.

The first is a great little quilt that is sure to brighten up any nursery.
Bright reds, with primary colours thrown in. 

And what can be more fun than these Scandinavian style birds to catch anyone’s eye.  

I had a great time topstitching large circles, that just came naturally to the center of the quilt.

Mixed with very untraditional scrolls along the edges.

It is fun to mix the two styles, separated with a bright red strip, giving each it’s own space but maintaining a similar shape.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A new home rooted to the past

6 Ave Quilting has a new home.  Although it is no longer on 6 Ave I have decided to keep the name as we have all come to know and love it.  So now the quilting shop has turned into a longarm studio on Pender St. in Burnaby (near Gilmore).  It is a wonderful neighbourhood and lovely that people are starting to recognize me and will say hi on the street as I walk by.

The longarm is up and running and only fitting that the first quilt to come off in its new location is one of Ann’s.

Not only was Ann one of my first customers in Nakusp but over the years has become a good friend and sounding board.

This wonderful, crisp and bright flying geese quilt of Ann’s was the perfect quilt to do a version of the first pattern I did for Ann almost 5 years ago, meandering daisies.

With a twist of course, I had to add leaves reminding me of Thunbergia Alata or black eyed susan in hanging baskets.

So a big thanks and I love you to my son that put up with his mom and her longarm for 6 months (was only supposed to be 6 weeks) and to everyone that has supported me in this epic journey to a new home. Also to my blog readers that have put up with hit and miss blog updates.  I will endeavour to get back into posting on a regular basis. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Purple Fans

Lorretta had sent two quilts home with me from Nakusp on my last visit.
Her second is this lap quilt loaded with fans.

Wanting to show off the fans, each is echoed with a little vertical stitching to accentuate the pattern.
Then again, stealing an item from the fabric, old roses with a heart (to match Lorretta’s embroidery hearts) meandering vine took centre stage.

The back of the quilt was pieced with this lovely block spelling out LOVE.

A quilt done with love in mind.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Blue Birds and Butterflies

When Pauline brought me this beautiful lap quilt and said “you do what you think is best”, it took me a while to come up with what I thought it needed.

Being the first (of what I hope is many) quilts from Pauline I really wanted to do something special.
So I did a bit of stressing over it until I thought, ‘what am I doing?’ just do what the quilt needs, and low and behold it came to me.

Not much of the topstitching thread was going to show with the light background so in this case I always recommend an all-over pattern.
I decided on Terry’s fav flowers, with a twist.  I added a butterfly to match the occasional butterfly in the fabric.

It was fun to be quilting away and to stop, think, and add a butterfly here and there.  Thank goodness for Frixion pens.

Didn't the back turn out beautiful?  It matches the overall flavour of the quilt perfectly.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Jelly roll stripes

Jelly rolls are so popular (at least 2.5 inch strips for some that still like to cut their own) and with the right combination of stitching are each very unique.

Lorretta’s striped quilt is wonderful in her arrangement of colours.
I found a great little paisley in one of the fabrics and had fun adapting it to this stylized and full of motion topstitch pattern.

Even though I practise on an acrylic sheet for a while to achieve a bit of muscle memory, the patterns still adapt and take on their own style once worked onto the quilt.

Lorretta is going to love the final outcome and the warmth of adding a mixed 80/20 batting.
pieced back