Quilting Inquiries

If you have inquiries about the longarm or making a special quilt, including Wedding quilts, Graduation quilts, Baby quilts, Tee-shirt and Jersey quilts even that snuggle up and read a good book quilt please contact me at 604-992-8737 or email 6avelongarm@gmail.com.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Technical Problems

I apologize to everyone waiting for an update.  My old PC died about 3 months ago and my brand new laptop is in the shop for repairs.
The WIFI card blew a gasket and needs to be replaced.
So I am on my old old laptop that is bare bones with no photos or longarm information on it.

But as soon as the new one comes back (up to 3 weeks, not great turnaround time) I will catch up on the new quilted quilts (there are a few already).
The longarm is up and running, and I am loving the new space.  It’s bright with a lot more space than the last apartment.

To celebrate the move and new location I am giving a 10% discount for the longarm until August 15th.  So dig out those quilt tops that you have had stored in the bottom of your closets and take advantage of the sale.  Even if you want to space them out over the next few months the quilts the quilts delivered before August 15th will receive the discount.  Sorry no longarm time reserving.
Please call for an appointment.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Trees with Cardinals

Birch trees with bright red cardinals, Anita’s quilt really stood out at the quilt show.

It was interesting and I really had to be aware of where I was and what was coming up next to copy the tree shapes into the border and extending the main quilt out. Lots of measuring.

Free handing in the leaves throughout the blank spaces kept the natural feel to the quilt.

Don’t you just love how the bright red cardinals say ‘here I am’?

A beautiful crisp feeling quilt that you can hear the birch grove, quiet and cool.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Red Sky at Night

The contrast in Mona’s Red Sky at Night quilt is gorgeous. 
In keeping the topstitching minimal, we decided on simplicity with a buzz of dragonflies.

Small dragonflies that wander throughout the quilt; both in the main body and in the border.

Adding the small leaf pattern in red thread to the yellow inner border worked wonderfully.  It helped to subdue the bright yellow contrast turning it into a matching feature of the quilt instead of being a bold eye catcher.

Mona’s quilt is rich and beautifully done. Sure to star shine any bed it graces.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Little Orange Bird Song

I made this quilt for me, wanting something to hang on the wall that was bright, clean and cheerful; making you smile just to look at.  I’ve often seen pictures of birds on the line and smile just thinking about the Pixar animated short ‘For the Birds’. 

I also wanted to do as much of the work on the longarm as I could, even the appliquéd birds were attached using the longarm.  It went really fast and if using fusible web, not sure I will ever sew on appliqué with a domestic machine again (on large quilts of course).

How do you portray confusion? Turn a question mark around and there you go.
Then came the fun part, all the topstitching.  
I started with adding all the text and things I thought a little orange bird would say or talk about then filled in the blank spaces using my imagination as I stitched.

There is the sun, clouds, wind, rain, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, bugs, bees, water, and bird houses.
Starting at the upper right hand side and moving across, advancing as I needed.  One of the most difficult things is to make sure that you are not creating a line of ideas but a wave of movement.

The end result was wonderful.  At a distance you see the little orange birds and they make you smile.  Up close you can spend hours finding all the little details that were added to the background.  I had a ball making it and thank all who voted for ‘The Little Orange Bird Song’ quilt.  

 I am thrilled to have won the Viewer’s Choice ribbon.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Successfully Moved

Terry’s Quilts and Longarm has made it to the new location, and hopefully will have the warehouse look (boxes everywhere) taken care of within the next week.  The longarm goes up tomorrow and is back in business by Tuesday of next week (July 5ht).  That will give me a few days to test and make sure everything is ready to give all your quilts that finishing touch.

The Lions Gate Quilting Show was a huge success with about 225 quilts.  They were all spectacular and I am in awe at the number of talented fiber artists that we have in the guild.
I am very proud to admit that there were 9 quilts in the show that came off Terry’s longarm.  4 were entries of mine and the other 5 coming from:
Mona Morrison – Red Sky at Night - To be posted soon
Anita Jones-Gould – Trees with Cardinals – To be posted soon

I am also just thrilled to have won the Viewer’s Choice ribbon for Little Orange Bird Song.  Stay tuned for the next blog entry to see all the photos for the Little Orange Bird Song quilt.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Moving day

Moving day
Terry’s quilts and Longarm fun is taking a few weeks off to move.  Yes I’m moving into a big bright and beautiful condo in New Westminster.  Just 2 blocks from the New Westminster sky train.

So I will be accepting quilts again after July 5th, 2016.  I can see the new view will be an inspiration to let the creative juices flow and I’m hoping that will show on each quilt I do over the foreseeable future.  I’ll also be showing casing my art quilts shown at the LGQG quilt show a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Bright and Springy

The third quilt Tracy sent is bright and can hardly wait for a summer table to show off on.

Don’t you just love the modern quilts that combine bright colors with a bright white?

For this small quilt Tracy sent me a picture of the original with a swirl pattern topstitched onto it.

So thinking that it was perfect already that was what we went for.

I can see this table topper being shown off on the patio table with a glass of wine and good friends to enjoy it with.