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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Dresden Hearts

What a busy, busy week.  It is amazing how some events compound others.  A mud slide in Hope meant having extra family for the week.  I love my family and it is sometimes hard not to be able to just stop everyday life and go play with them.  But they all have been patient and waited until I could stop and visit.  A big thank you, to all my daily readers.  I hope I have not disappointed you all by not updating my web site more regularly this past week.  I should get back into the regular swing of things this next week, as my family will be returning to their daily lives as well.

One very happy lady was Linda.  It was so wonderful to see her face light up as she walked in the door and viewed her Dresden Heart quilt, finished and hanging on the display wall. 

I echoed around each of the Dresden Hearts and then a locket chain and echoed around the center heart.

This gave the back a wonderful crest look.

Then the meandering hearts throughout the main body of the quilt. This gave the quilt softness without taking away from the main feature.

The herringbone border was so much fun to do and just called for a simple meandering leaf.  I found it easy to find a rhythm in making the leaves in three directions, but really had to concentrate to make the fourth flow. 

It all came together and what a wonderful quilt Linda has for her bed. 
 I’m sure she will treasure it for many years to come.


  1. Hi Really love the heart quilt. Have been looking for this one as a pattern. Can you help???

  2. Hi - me again. Meant to say you can reply to me by email. I am in the UK. It's adlt08@btinternet.com
    Many thanks

  3. I’m not sure why this pattern is so hard to find. The only place I found it was on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/94715563/dresden-heart-quilt-pattern
    They have a contact number and email if you have more questions.

    Good luck

  4. You can also find it here:


  5. Thanks Julie for letting everyone know. It is such a lovely pattern and I have had many inquiries about it. I'll pass them on.